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    THATS RIGHT! The Legend of Pirates Online (TLOPO) is releasing Semi-Open Beta tomorrow at 3:00 P.M. Eastern Time. Don't miss out and join in on the opening!
    tlopo beta site.PNG

    Version 1.0.0, 12/09/16
    • Added over 2,000 new Spanish translations!
    • An all new Advanced Weather system is now in the Caribbean! Embark on your journey through navigating through treacherous waters with torturous storms appearing occasionally.
    • Board-able Flagships are now sailing.
    • Cannon Defense is now available. This feature is still not entirely complete, please bear with us as we continue to finish creating this feature.
    • Enemies, both land and sea, are now lurking throughout the Caribbean.
    • Guilds are now able to be created!
    • Invasions are now available.
    • Land Bosses are now available. Test your skills and see if you’re fit to fight one of these beasts!
    • New to The Legends of Pirates Online (TLOPO)? The Tutorial is now available to help guide you through the game!
    • Numerous stats are now logged for future Achievements system.
    • Questing has been released!
      • Fortune quests are now available.
      • The Black Pearl Story Quest is available. Sail the high seas with Jack Sparrow as you gather a crew for the Black Pearl!
    • Selling of weapons, clothing, etc. is now available.
    • Tired of your pirate’s hairstyle? Visit a Barber today to change it up!
    Bug Fixes
    • Added teleport access to the SvS islands.
    • Clothes no longer bug when unslotted.
    • Cursed players are now sent to jail instantly.
    • Damage caused by doll is now synced.
    • Entering/leaving an interior no longer causes a loop.
    • Fixed a crash involving NPC names.
    • Fixed a crash on the avatar chooser screen.
    • Fixed a crash when logging out.
    • Fixed certain bosses not having the correct model.
    • Fixed NPC's spawning underground.
    • Fixed numerous crashes with caves.
    • Fixed skill points.
    • Grenades no longer damage Town folk NPC's.
    • Items are now trashed correctly and without causing a duplication issue.
    • Jewelry no longer bugs when unslotted.
    • Level requirements are now active.
    • Numerous Barber fixes:
      • Changing hair style now gives a conformation response.
      • Mustaches no longer disappear.
      • Now you can have a mustache without a beard.
      • Previewing a hairstyle will now reflect the correct color.
    • Numerous Cannon Defense fixes:
      • Added damage multiplier to repeater cannon.
      • Fixed a crash.
      • Fixed ships stealing treasure too early.
      • Fixed spawning ships.
      • Fixed timer.
      • Now ships only take treasure that is available.
      • Ships now stop correctly when stealing gold.
      • Synced gold piles with wealth bar.
      • You can now rejoin a match.
    • Numerous Cut scene fixes.
    • Numerous Enemy fixes:
      • Enemies no longer attack after they are defeated.
      • Enemies now spawn regardless of loot container still being active.
      • Fixed hired-gun icon.
      • Flytraps no longer move.
      • No more random targeting.
    • Numerous Flagship fixes.
    • Numerous Invasion fixes:
      • Fixed a bug with ending invasions.
      • Fixed a crash with Jolly Roger.
      • Fixed district reset.
      • Fixed enemies stalling.
      • Fixed invincible keg runners.
      • Fixed Jolly Roger spawning in different waves.
      • Fixed keg runners not damaging barricades.
      • Fixed reputation calculation based on avatar location.
      • Jolly Roger now taunts every 3 minutes.
      • Prevented Muertos Moon from occurring during an invasion.
      • Reworked Jolly Roger spawning.
      • Tweaked explosion range of keg runners.
    • Numerous Quest fixes.
    • Numerous Sailing fixes:
      • Fixed a bug where player ships would lose control of their movement.
      • Numerous bug fixes to enemy ships AI.
    • Numerous Selling fixes:
      • Items are now visible when dragged over the sell panel.
      • Selected number of potions now correctly sold.
    • Numerous Tutorial fixes:
      • Fixed a major bug where players would spawn inside the tutorial without any clothing. Nobody needs to see any naked Pirates in the Caribbean, thank you very much.
    • Players are now sent to jail when caught cheating in Poker and Blackjack.
    • Players should now spawn correctly on Padres Del Fuego.
    • Players should now spawn in jail if you log out while knocked out.
    • Tattoos no longer bug when unslotted.
    • Tweaked ammo in loot.
    • Added 4 new districts to the Caribbean: Andaba, Marineros, Poderoso, and Valor. Abassa is still present.
    • Added a lot of new words to the White List and Black List.
    • Code cleanup.
    • Enhancements to in-game moderation.
    • Numerous optimizations on both the client and server.
    • Updated to the latest version of Astron.
    • Water should now look much more realistic.
      Mac Launcher version 1.2.0
    • Internet connection awareness; Auto update content when a new internet connection occurs.
    • Added support for Apple's brand new MacBook Pro Touch Bar.
    • Added numerous keyboard navigation shortcuts.
    • Reduced memory usage by 65%.
    • Increased patching speed.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug with files not updating when the launcher is open during update.
    • Fixed a bug with some files downloading twice.
    • Fixed a crash when no internet connection is present.
    • Fixed many other miscellaneous bugs.
    Version 1.0.1, 12/09/16
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that caused player ships to stay out at sea despite having zero players on board.
    • Fixed a crash when attacking enemies.
    • Fixed a crash with player ships.
    • Fixed an issue with guild boarding permissions.
    • A minor moderation tweak.
    Version 1.0.2, 12/09/16
    Bug Fixes
    • Corrected a minor issue presented in version 1.0.1.
    Version 1.0.3, 12/10/16
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug with Cannon Defense.
    • Fixed a bug with the pistol unlock quest.
    • Fixed a bug with teleportation.
    • Fixed a crash caused by flagships.
    • Fixed a crash with ships when porting.
    • Fixed several crashes caused by ships.
    • Potentially fixed the loading screen freezing at 50%.
    Known Issues
    • Ships are sometimes re-parenting themselves to Pirate's upon login. Please restart the game to fix this as a workaround.​
    Version 1.0.4, 12/10/16
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug with quests that caused the second or more objectives to not show.
    • Fixed a crash during repair games.
    • Fixed a crash with ships.
    • Fixed a few Tortuga spawn points.
    • Miscellaneous fixes to battle and ships.
    Version 1.0.5, 12/10/16
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug with gold found in loot.
    • Fixed an issue with quests that caused quests to remain in the journal despite being completed.
    Version 1.0.6, 12/11/16
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a crash caused by deleting a ship.
    • Fixed a crash caused by inventories.
    • Fixed a crash when exiting an interior.
    • Fixed a crash with quests.
    • Fixed a crash with ships.
    • Fixed a few crashes caused by the mini map.
    • Fixed several bugs with crew ships.
    • Reduced the AOE radius for broadsword and sweep skills.
    • Tweaked voodoo regeneration.
    • Added some words to the White List.
    • Enabled gold codes for recent PF contest winners.
    Version 1.0.7, 12/11/16
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that caused player ships to disappear.
    Version 1.0.8, 12/11/16
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a crash in the tutorial caused by Bo-Beck's helm.
    • Tweaks to population limits.
    Version 1.0.9, 12/11/16

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a crash caused by districts.
    • Potentially fixed game options so that they will save/load correctly.
    • Code clean-up.
    • More tweaks to population limits.
    Version 1.0.10, 12/12/16
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug with loot.
    • Fixed a bug with rain.
    • Fixed a crash caused by TOD (Time Of Day).
    • Fixed a crash with interiors.
    • Fixed a crash with new pirates leaving a jail.
    • Fixed a crash with teleportation.
    • Fixed a few crashes with ships.
    • Potentially fixed ship teleport issues.
    • Added some moderation tools.
    • Even more tweaks to population limits.
    • Minor changes to the White List.
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