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    There are multiple types of attacks for ground and air for loot gain or gaining trophies. All these attacks have names and specific spells and troops.
    • GoHog
    • Dragon Rider
    • Meat ball Spaghetti
    • GoWiWi
    • GoWi
    • GoWipe.
    • Lavaloonion
    Image of GoWipe tweaked up- gowipe giant V.PNG
    Now your GoWipe army consists on 3 golems, 17 wizards, 2 pekkas, 6 wall breakers, 2 heal spells 1 poison spell, 1 earthquake spell, 1 jump spell, 1 rage spell, clan castle of 1 pekka, 1 wizard, and 1 archer. You can tweak this army up a little by the number of how many troops you want of wizards, wall breakers, and dark spell depending on how your enemy base is.
    You can have another tweak to it by having giants instead of golems but thats if you're going on cheap side or saving up dark elixar.

    So do you use one of these examples of strategy or do you have one you invented yourself?! Share your creative ideas and victories here!

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